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Shelley and John Rapley Snapdragon Designs

Snapdragon Designs is the idea of Shelley and John Rapley who were based in Maidstone in South East England but now reside in rural Lincolnshire. They both studied Graphic Design at De Montford University, graduating in 2004. Since then they have worked as a hand bookbinder (Shelley) and DT Teacher (John), which is how they discovered the joy of laser-cutting and combined the two to create their award-winning 3D skyline cards.
Over the past 6 years, they have worked to grow a successful retail and wholesale business as well as working on a variety of bespoke projects such as acrylic jewellery for exhibitions, movies and custom skylines for shops and corporations. 

Current and previous stockists have included The Natural History Museum, Museums Sheffield, The Falklands National Trust, The Piece Hall, Huttons, Kew Gardens, Fenwicks Newcastle and many more indie shops. Their skylines have been sent all over the world as little reminders of home.


This is our little studio at the bottom of the garden. Here you can see Bertha our wonder lasercutting machine.

Bertha cuts all the cards, etches the hip flasks, tea lights, enamel mugs and loads more. We truly could not live without her.


Every item we make in the studio goes through our hands, whether its to hand assemble cards or check for the utmost quality you can be assured our hands have done it.

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